TechTV Reborn as ‘UndoTV’

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“Pirillo and LaPorte hope to attract a sponsor and begin producing original content, but for now will let the site evolve from the ground up. Contributors will keep 100 percent control of the content they provide to the site, Pirillo wrote.”

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Vista’s Virgin Stack – Steve Gibson

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Steve Gibson proposes that in Windows Vista, Microsoft has entirely new code for the network stack. If this is true, using this new and unproven code is could be disastrous!!!

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Roots of the human family tree are remarkably shallow

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Whoever it was probably lived a few thousand years ago, somewhere in East Asia. He, or she, did nothing more remarkable than be born, live, have children and die. Yet this was the ancestor of every person now living on Earth, the last person in history whose family tree branches out to you.

Also, I read about a near extinction of the human race about 6,000 to 10,000 years ago that may be a contributing factor to the relatively shallow roots of the human race.
Another intriguing story…….

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Overview of who owns the Media in the US

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Doesn’t look like it’s been updated recently, but this shows you a chart of which companies own which media.

Things that make you go hmm………

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When Republicans Hurt Our Freedoms, The Terrorists Win.

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“Every time a Republican attacks our freedoms a terrorist gets his wings. That’s all that really needs to be said about illegal spying on Americans, veiled Administration threats to our media and judiciary, and all the anti-American statements of freedom-hating conservatives.”

Enuff Said!!!!

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Common Music – an object-oriented music composition environment

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Common Music (CM) is an object-oriented music composition environment. It produces sound by transforming a high-level representation of musical structure into a variety of control protocols for sound synthesis and display.

Possibly a great find for the independent muscial artist!!!

unfortunately, a talent challenged music lover is left behind……….

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Accidental Tech Entrepreneurs Turn Their Hobbies Into Livelihoods

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InformationWeek interviewed five accidential entrepreneurs, including the founders of and Digg, and the author of the blog Dooce, to find out how they freed themselves from the paycheck-to-paycheck grind.

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Great reading, fascinating look at how these people did the hard work and stayed true to their vision….

A Safer Way to Detect Heart Disease

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Researchers have used a specialized type of MRI to detect 88 percent of cases of coronary artery disease in a group of patients with chest pain. The results suggest that the imaging technique can detect heart disease as accurately as conventional methods, but with much less risk.

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a story that has personal resonance……….

Hello world!

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